Friday, 19 September 2014

Life Is Feudal on Steam's Early Access

So a "Your Own" max 64 player custom server version of upcoming sandbox mmo was released today on Steam's Early Access. This is to help the developers secure funds to finish the full MMO version.

I'm already too tired of alpha testing and paying for unfinished products personally, but LiF is a game that has been top of my hype list for a long time, even after trying a bit of a very early alpha myself.

So while I'm not personally going to buy LiF right now; I'm seriously glad LiF seems to be getting alot of attention on steam. Its one of the top sellers right now. This is pretty crazy since the cancelled crowdfunding campaign barely got any notice. And this game has more potential than any other mmo in development right now.

Link to game on steam

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Pirates Vikings and Knights II

Ah pvkii. This was my favourite game for a while circa 2009.

Like all mods development takes years, I miss the old manual block combat. But I look forward to the new classes all the same. pvkii 3.0 should be out soon, trailer is pretty cool

Friday, 5 September 2014

Dinosaurs, Cookies and Refunds

I've whined a bit already about early access, but this news story is kind of a big deal on the discussion; The Stomping Land was removed from steam store.

Steam are under no legal obligations to refund people (link). You are buying the incomplete version, not a promise of the final version. Its not a pre-order.

If cookie dough is selling for a higher price than cookies, why would anyone sell cookies. 5 people on kickstarter payed more than $400 for this game.

The saddest thing is; this game had potential. And now it will probably never be made properly. You can't wholly blame the developers, the consumers aren't incentivising them to bake.