Sunday, 15 June 2014

Darkfall's smexy overhaul

I resubbed for darkfall's custom roles patch, and from little I've played I can tell the game is miles more fun with tons more longevity. As nostalgic as us darkfall 1 players get, I really think darkfall is in the best state its ever been in. If you haven't played it, or are on the fence about resubbing I definitely recommend it right now.

That said, I think I'm personally just a bit burnt out at this point. Its also very overwhelming choosing how to level your character now, which is a good thing except I'm not sure it really synergises well with the existing prowess system since mispending points could be very punishing.

One might say that a non issue since AV now has a "cash shop" for character renames and re-specs. However I'm really not happy with being charged for that sort of thing on top  of a subscription fee. Hopefully they will find a way to get rid of the subscription cost, this game becomes exponentially more fun when more people are playing it.

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