Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Early access rant

The forest seems fantastic, so DON'T BUY IT. Its basically just a small unfinished demo of an actual game, what's there is very impressive, but in many ways I've ruined the final experience for myself. I did know better, I wanted to wait, but couldn't stop my curiosity.

Choppin heads and cooking fish

But still it was only £11, and I probably am helping the start up developers fund development. But the trend we are setting is being really badly exploited by other companies. Everquest landmark, archeage, h1z1. All games which will be FREE to play are charging up to $150 for alpha access. Star citizen / Elite dangerous also charging multitudes more to play the unfinished version, below is my opinion about the buying ship culture of the former game;

If these ships are super easy to get ingame I will laugh at all the people who wasted their money.
If these ships are impossible to get ingame I will not play the game, and likely no one else will. So people will have wasted their money on a p2w game.
If these ships are reasonable to get ingame I will enjoying my version of the game with more content than the backers who have wasted money opting out of said content.
Either scenario backing is a terrible idea, and thats excluding all sorts of scenarios like the game is terrible etc. but thanks for funding the game for me.

Early adopters of the "early access" trend charged less for the alpha version, and as content was added the price increased. This made tons of sense to consumers and developers. It helped great indy games like mount & blade, minecraft fund their way to completion. also made sense to consumers: you aren't getting a finished product, but at least you are saving money in the long run.

The current trend is just complete opposite of mutually beneficial, its a terrible deal for consumers. But you can't wholly blame the companies; who are not forcing consumer to make incredibly stupid decisions, but I do lose respect for them for exploiting sheer stupidity. I'm not entirely sure why it bothers me so much what stupid people decide to do with their own money, but it does. I guess I wrote this up since I just commited a similiar act of stupidity with the forest.

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