Friday, 9 May 2014

Sir, You Are Being Hunted: Criticisms on a great game

I completed this game today, its really quite awesome. But I did rough write up of my criticisms for thier forums and I will share them here;

I do very much like the game, but its far from a masterpiece and I thought feedback might be helpful.

The main problem is once you learn basics and how to abuse the robots poor AI and accuracy, the only real challenge is finding the fragments. But this challenge is not of an enjoyable nature, and due to the randomness of certain shard (fragment) spawns can make you want to uninstall the game.

I actually got first 7 fragment without much of a scratch, but then the last one on island 3 took me HOURS to the point I wanted to quit and had racked up tons of deaths due to boredom. I realise that you can choose to start with a tracker or map or something but I didn't want to start all over (although that would have been quicker).

it happened to me a 2nd (and final) time even once I found a map, I had 1 shard hiding on the absolute edge of map hidden by the cliffside. after combing entire island I had to map out a super thorough search like so to find it;

I feel like maybe the last shard on an island should have its location hinted at in some way, I reckon its unlikely to have 2 super difficult shards on one island, considering I only has issues with 2 out of my total 18.

Now the combat part of the game inversely should be challenging but isn't. The only robot threat you can't simply sprint away from is the mounted chap, the rest it really is quite possible to zig zag/hug cover and get away from even 10 robots shooting at you. I guess this is partly because most have shotguns, but the accuracy vs moving player seems very bad. So I do feel that robots need to spot you and shoot accurately from further away than currently, pherhaps on a harder difficulty setting.

The last thing I have to say is about the sound/horror part of the game. there seems to only be one small piece of music, and the game isn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be. Obviously these two things are connected, with a constant suspenseful soundtrack the game would actually be bloody scary. music really does make that much difference, play slenderman without that soundtrack and its not remotely scary. but you do need enough tracks so its doesn't become too repetitive in a game of this length, at least one for each environment type.

PS: excuse my slight dsylexia pls

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