Friday, 3 January 2014

Day Z isn't the game I wanted it to be.

My brother bought it so I just got to try it, played 43 minutes. got too bored to continue, so I jumped off top floor of multiple floor building (which was empty of items) in an attempt to commit suicide but landed in a bush and took no damage. so I instead just exited via the menu.

I've enjoyed watching some of the new dayz videos, game can still be hilarious. I'm sure If I put in 20 hours I would have something amusing happen, but fact is new day z is simply worse and less fun than the day z mod I played back in the day. Even once they add back in zombies, loot, fun, etc. its still going to be basically a carbon copy of the mod but with better inventory system and a price tag.

I know its alpha but I frankly that's irrelevant. Firstly because they are charging for it, so money is no object since they have already sold a billion copies of this alpha aswell as arma 2 for day z mod. Secondly because its been over a year and all they have done is taken 1 step forward, but 3 back. thirdly because once its finished the direction will still be the wrong one; they aren't taking the idea to a its full potential, just rehashing it with a few welcome, but meaningless improvements.

I used to be a pretty big fan of the mod but I can't see myself ever buying standalone now. victim of its own success I guess.

Here is a funny DayZ video. I don't think I will be posting about this game again.

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