Thursday, 20 November 2014

Melee: Battlegrounds - Kickstarter for cRPG successor!

I'm pretty sure I already bought a copy of game when they were raising money last year. But progress on this game looks damn phenominal and if you were ever going to kickstart something it should be these guys. I might even break my kickstarter virginity, these guys made cRPG mod which I've played.... too much to admit.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Screenshots of Haven 2

I'm been busy playing real life, but gotta blog these new tantalising haven 2.0 screens.  update 4 in total.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Mount & Blade: Viking Conquest

So "brytenwalda" is a great singleplayer mod for warband,  now they are making official Vikings DLC. Not alot to say yet just some screens on facebook post HERE

I must say the brytenwalda mod uses alot of community work/assets, so its a good job this is a not a paid remake of that mod. For instance the last community DLC Napoleonic wars was a re-release of existing mod.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Life Is Feudal on Steam's Early Access

So a "Your Own" max 64 player custom server version of upcoming sandbox mmo was released today on Steam's Early Access. This is to help the developers secure funds to finish the full MMO version.

I'm already too tired of alpha testing and paying for unfinished products personally, but LiF is a game that has been top of my hype list for a long time, even after trying a bit of a very early alpha myself.

So while I'm not personally going to buy LiF right now; I'm seriously glad LiF seems to be getting alot of attention on steam. Its one of the top sellers right now. This is pretty crazy since the cancelled crowdfunding campaign barely got any notice. And this game has more potential than any other mmo in development right now.

Link to game on steam

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Pirates Vikings and Knights II

Ah pvkii. This was my favourite game for a while circa 2009.

Like all mods development takes years, I miss the old manual block combat. But I look forward to the new classes all the same. pvkii 3.0 should be out soon, trailer is pretty cool

Friday, 5 September 2014

Dinosaurs, Cookies and Refunds

I've whined a bit already about early access, but this news story is kind of a big deal on the discussion; The Stomping Land was removed from steam store.

Steam are under no legal obligations to refund people (link). You are buying the incomplete version, not a promise of the final version. Its not a pre-order.

If cookie dough is selling for a higher price than cookies, why would anyone sell cookies. 5 people on kickstarter payed more than $400 for this game.

The saddest thing is; this game had potential. And now it will probably never be made properly. You can't wholly blame the developers, the consumers aren't incentivising them to bake.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Bannerlord blog post 7 is awesome

Go read it already, here

I should say tho, that at this rate the game won't be out until 2017, which makes me sad.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Early access rant

The forest seems fantastic, so DON'T BUY IT. Its basically just a small unfinished demo of an actual game, what's there is very impressive, but in many ways I've ruined the final experience for myself. I did know better, I wanted to wait, but couldn't stop my curiosity.

Choppin heads and cooking fish

But still it was only £11, and I probably am helping the start up developers fund development. But the trend we are setting is being really badly exploited by other companies. Everquest landmark, archeage, h1z1. All games which will be FREE to play are charging up to $150 for alpha access. Star citizen / Elite dangerous also charging multitudes more to play the unfinished version, below is my opinion about the buying ship culture of the former game;

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Darkfall's smexy overhaul

I resubbed for darkfall's custom roles patch, and from little I've played I can tell the game is miles more fun with tons more longevity. As nostalgic as us darkfall 1 players get, I really think darkfall is in the best state its ever been in. If you haven't played it, or are on the fence about resubbing I definitely recommend it right now.

That said, I think I'm personally just a bit burnt out at this point. Its also very overwhelming choosing how to level your character now, which is a good thing except I'm not sure it really synergises well with the existing prowess system since mispending points could be very punishing.

One might say that a non issue since AV now has a "cash shop" for character renames and re-specs. However I'm really not happy with being charged for that sort of thing on top  of a subscription fee. Hopefully they will find a way to get rid of the subscription cost, this game becomes exponentially more fun when more people are playing it.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Salem development changes hands

E3's blaring away but there's some exciting new that no one is talking about, well to me at least, that Salem's development has been renewed.

When Seatribe effectively iced Salem development I had mixed feelings. I was glad Seatribe had decided to stick to one game, and Haven was the logical choice, but I was sad Salem never got to be completed.

So the news that Salem and Haven creators seatribe are handing the reins over to new dev studio "Mortal Moments Inc." is all very exciting. Both games deserve their own dedicated developers.

Read the new project lead's post here

Read Seatribe's post on the topic here

Klump oggles my family jewels

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Current addiction: Dark Souls 2

I knew I would be hooked since I loved the first, but it really has taken over my life. Here are some videos I've uploaded. More here


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Elite: Dangerous

I haven't really payed much attention to E:D, star citizen has been getting all the lime light. But I watched this video of alpha update and DAMN its looking good. Also planning to release this year, which is ahead all the other sandbox mmos in the making.

Sunday, 13 April 2014


ok yeah its another dayz rip. the thing is tho:

this is sony not some dodgy indy dev
this is planetside side 2 engine, expect more than 30 fps
this is going to be an actual mmo with thousands on one server and a map much bigger than ps2.
focus on building structures/bases/crafting, hopefully stuff to do other than pick stuff off the floor and kill people with it.

Kind of makes dayz sound like just a ~100 player death match. So yeah to me this is more interesting than dayz SA or any thing else since the mod.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Rome 2: patched to fuck

I've recently started playing patch 10 and was amazed how much it had improved since patch ~7, its actually hard on legendary now, feels like shogun 2 legendary. And now patch 11 just dropped and fixed most the few remaining issues I had.

The game is SOOO much better now. I can say 100% that this is the best total war now, its not perfect of course. Don't need any mods to enjoy it now, only mods I use atm are 4 turns and trait mod.

If it had released in this state, and they made DLC that wasn't really bland and overpriced, it might have been my favourite game. Given me a real hard on for the iron age.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Life is Feudal very popular on Steam Greenlight

LiF is top of my hype list, but has a very small fan following and didn't get enough crowdfunding. However alpha is still going ahead. It got put onto Steam Greenlight on friday and seems to have got alot of attention which is AWESOME.

Go vote for the game here.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Dev Blog #1: Baby steps

This is the third attempt at painting something with my new graphics tablet, and I'm pretty proud of it considering how new I am to it all. But it could be better, and I'm not sure its the style I am looking for.

New Kingdom video & Kickstarter

Friday, 3 January 2014

Day Z isn't the game I wanted it to be.

My brother bought it so I just got to try it, played 43 minutes. got too bored to continue, so I jumped off top floor of multiple floor building (which was empty of items) in an attempt to commit suicide but landed in a bush and took no damage. so I instead just exited via the menu.

I've enjoyed watching some of the new dayz videos, game can still be hilarious. I'm sure If I put in 20 hours I would have something amusing happen, but fact is new day z is simply worse and less fun than the day z mod I played back in the day. Even once they add back in zombies, loot, fun, etc. its still going to be basically a carbon copy of the mod but with better inventory system and a price tag.

I know its alpha but I frankly that's irrelevant. Firstly because they are charging for it, so money is no object since they have already sold a billion copies of this alpha aswell as arma 2 for day z mod. Secondly because its been over a year and all they have done is taken 1 step forward, but 3 back. thirdly because once its finished the direction will still be the wrong one; they aren't taking the idea to a its full potential, just rehashing it with a few welcome, but meaningless improvements.

I used to be a pretty big fan of the mod but I can't see myself ever buying standalone now. victim of its own success I guess.

Here is a funny DayZ video. I don't think I will be posting about this game again.