Friday, 30 August 2013

Unity photo-realistic characters NSFW

Gotta admit this video was kind of amazing. They are photo realistic in game models made from body scans, they aren't animated but they are 3d models so could be. So are we going to see better graphics for less development? I fucking hope so.

Multi-Sky 3D Scan Tools (mono) from Lee Perry-Smith on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Friday, 16 August 2013

AoE2 mod becomes official expansion

So new "official" expansion for AoE 2 HD is a port of excellent mod Forgotten Empires, now called "The Forgotten". No surprises we knew they were working together already. Full announcement here

I like that modders are getting a cut for their awesome work, but aoe2hd was already a bad cash grab port. half of the "features" of aoe2hd were already available for free in the FE mod, so they have just decided to try and charge us once again for content already available for free.

Infact if it wasn't for FE getting me back into aoe2, I highly doubt I would have bought aoe2hd. Or maybe I would have and less disapointed with it (lol).

Ive sunk a few hundred hours in aoe2hd multiplayer, phenomenal how such an ancient game is still imo way the best RTS out there. But I doubt I will be picking this up.

You can get the mod free here

What do you think of free mods becoming paid DLC/content? I'm generally in support, I bought and enjoyed warband's Napoleonic Wars. And think most the best games out there are mods, therefore modders deserve some finicial recognition and breakthroughs. Tho I do understand why so many fans get uber pissed about it.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Life Is Feudal explains everything you could want to know.

A shit ton of extremely in depth and informative pages on upcoming uber sandbox mmo, Life is Feudal, have been posted on their site here:

I posted some old videos of this game already and it still number 1 on my hype list, for good reason. There are plans for more testing and a video/crowd funding promo of Life if Feudal later this year, but we'll see if deadlines are met as they are a very small team.

2012 Alpha testing

Albion Online in Alpha Testing.

So I've noticed I recognise pretty much all the guilds mentioned for albion online's alpha testing from darkfall. They have completely different game directions but both are heavily inspired from Ultimna Online so I guess it kind of makes sense.

Theres an interview with sinister about the Alpha here

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

War of the Vikings

So they are making a sequel of sorts to war of the roses called war of the vikings. Does look kind of cool, I love me some dark age setting. You can sign up for alpha here

Already some screenshots here:

Does so far seem like a reskin without cav. Those are some pretty epic assets tho.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Project Reality 1.0 Is finally here!

Version 1.0 is releasing on friday, ive been waiting a long time...

I got into it after playing BF3 despite the massive gfx downgrade because the gameplay is simply insanely better. 1.0 is going to improve/change alot, the big things for me is new bullet deviation and 100 player servers.

Trailer & link;