Sunday, 16 June 2013

cRPG: push it to the middle!

This is what cRPG mod for warband looks like with cinematic mod in a 90+ player strategus battle. Corny music was a bit of an in joke for the battle, sorry.

How do you define sandbox mmo? cowsex.

After playing haven & hearth, a game where taming animals and breeding them is an important part of advancing in the game, I feel no other mmo deserves the title sandbox unless it has animations such as:

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

PR 1.0 Beta: COOP Gameplay

Its difficult for a PR virgin to understand why I am looking forward more to a mod release for the outdated BF2 engine than for the upcoming BF4. Hopefully this new gameplay video might explain things a little;

But really what is BF4 but a map pack compared to BF3 PC anyway? I enjoyed BF3 alot, but only to a point where I was not interested in more maps & guns. BF4 brings 64 players to console, but little else other than return of commander to PC. PR 1.0 will be 128 player, and while graphically dated have vastly superior tactical depth and realistic gameplay.

Melee Tech Test #1

Ive played alot too much of crpg, a mod for warband multiplayer which you frankly should have heard of if you own that game. And why the hell wouldn't you own that game?

Well the team behind that very popular & awesome mod are making their own game and game engine, they got some crowd investment from the community, and recently posted first footage of their tech.
  • This is not yet how the final game will look, it's just an impression of a current state of the visual engine
This video is unlisted since they've barely started development and don't to show the game off yet. But hey not many people read my blog anyway ;)

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