Saturday, 16 February 2013

Thoughts on new consoles

Yes "new gen" consoles will be behind current gen pc in terms of specs. However we really aren't getting as much out of our pc's as we could be because the current console gen is so far behind.

How many pc only games are trying to push gfx, there's not enough money in it. Last game I felt really push boundaries was Crysis 1 in 2008. Crytek have sinced moved on to consoles and graphics haven't really got much better than 2008's crysis imo. That's 5 years our processing power has massively increased, but our games have barely improved. Because of consoles, not current pc hardware.

I guess planetside 2 pushed boundaries, but more to do with scale than visuals. BF3 looks pretty fucking amazing. Imagine how it would look if it wasn't limited to also working on 8 year old hardware (xbox360).

TLDR; you should be excited about new consoles cause they wont hold pc gaming back as much.

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