Sunday, 2 December 2012

Darkfall: No UW beta, Greenlit, Tons of new info!

On 28th of november aventurine posted a Brawler Skirmisher video, along with an announcement of adding UW to steam greenlight. On Friday 30th novemebr aventurine posted a Air Elementalist video, and UW got greenlit on steam already! The air elementalist blog also mentions opposing schools, I have put an update on my previous info breakdown post. Tasos also did an live stream interview with posted below, which was long, but an interesting listen and we learned some very important things.

There were discussions about things such as darkfalls philosophy on instancing and friendly fire, and confirmation of things we were previously told about. My personal summary of new and important things we learned:

  • No Primalist role on release day, is number 1 priority and will be in very soon after.
  • All accounts will have one character slot for each server, you can play on EU1 and NA1.
  • No marketplace at release. We knew this already, but its nice to know its mostly done.
  • In the future there will be a warrior role for mounted combat.
  • No limbo at launch due to communities negative reaction to the idea.
  • Future player-developer interaction systems to help shape development.
  • No limitations on crafting skills at launch, everyone has access to all recipes.
  • Customisable clan permissions system, and separate rank system based on PvP. (may have known this already)

To top this off designer Tork Shaw has been posting some less official but very open and honest comments on his facebook page. I posted 2 interesting quotes from it below, pertaining to UW not having a beta. 
My main concern has been the speed at which we have had to work to get where we are by this time. There is A LOT of balancing that you would ideally like to do in a beta release that we are struggling to manage in the short time period. Of course there will be tweaking post-launch, and I think everyone is sensible enough to expect that, but the non-hardcore gamers - the kind of gamers that Steam will expose us too - will be less tolerant of balance issues, since they are more used to finished titles from huge, AAA studios. It will be an interesting challenge to manage.
And also:
Beta-wise : dont forget we are a (relatively) small company and the problem with an extensive beta of any tech product is that it costs money without making any. I am not in on all the decisions so I am not necessarily meaning this for Aventurine, but for small companies it is sometimes necessary to take the risk that things might not be quite night at launch in order to get the product out, and then fix things over time with the support of an understanding community. Like I say, not an official word, just some things to bear in mind.
Lets keep our UW expectations somewhat real. The combat balance at release is likely to be very terrible, especially with Primalist role missing. Thanks for reading.

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