Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Life is Feudal: Alpha this December

Life is Feudal promises to be the closest thing to my dream game, which is basically a mix of Haven & Hearth with Mount & Blade. A medieval sandbox MMO, where players build the game world and fight for control of it. This game got my avid attention after watching very impressive pre alpha videos, such as the one below:

Do note that this video is over a year old and well before any funding was secured. The game is entering alpha this December with no NDA, which I think is a bold but good move. I've been invited to alpha test and as there is no NDA hopefully I can post some gameplay videos and such soon. Although bear in mind that alpha is alpha, I will try to show only the good and working parts of the game. Alpha tests are technical tests, not gameplay tests like beta. And such an ambitious Indy game is bound to be very bare bones.

Feel free to check out the website; for more info and some impressive screenshots.

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