Thursday, 15 November 2012

Darkfall: Servers shut down, Sequel due 12/12/12

Today is the last day the servers will be running Darkfall, which is its prime was the best mmorpg I ever had the privilege to play. Darkfall was not without its many flaws and shortcommings, which was why the game never saw population growth and slowly died out.

A new version of darkfall hoping to correct past mistakes, improve the game and give it more mass appeal whilst still hopefully keeping the same hardcore core gameplay, has been in development for at least 3 years. This version now called Unholy Wars, was earlier slated for a 20/11/12 release, but has now been delayed somewhat to 12/12/12. However since this content was at one point called "Darkfall 2010" the delay is unsurprising to most the existing community.

Today a new developer diary on the change of artstyles was released, posted below. I was impressed by some new ingame environments such as @0:53 as well as the new concept art which is miles better than the old. I'm really happy the are replacing the old somewhat cartoony art style, for something darker and more mature. However from what we've seen in-game so far it seems more similar to the old style than the new concepts, hopefully it is as he says an "on going process".

 Below is a comparison on old and new Darkfall races:

Old races; Mahirim, Ork, Mirdain, Human, Alfar, Dwarf
New races; Human, Tolvarr (half-dwarf), Alfar, Mirdain, Mahirim, Ork

Be sure to check the official blog.

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