Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Pokemmo Guide: lvl50 current metagame

this still seems to be getting hits even though its incomplete and outdated, I recomend checking this for up to date guide;

  • Abilties only included if currently functional in game see source.
  • Moves only included if currently learnable and function see source and gen 3 moveset lists.
  • Pokemon only included if currently available at level 50, see here.
  • Numbers by moves are standard average power after accuracy and stab is factored in, rounded up.


Ability: Rock head
Nature: Jolly or Adamant
Availability: 1 per char

  • Ancientpower 90 
  • Aerial ace 90 
  • Fly 100
  • Earthquake 100
  • Steel wing 63
  • Dragon claw 80 
  • Take down 77 
  • Hyperbeam (135/2)